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Paintings by Egyptian Realist Artists

Ezzedin Hamouda - Zenab abdel Hamid

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Ezzedin Hamouda

Zenab Abdel Hamid

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I was born in Egypt, my parents Ezzedin Hamouda and Zenab Abdel Hamid were both Modern Arab Artists - professors of Egyptian Fine Arts Fculties Department of paintings at Helwan University in Cairo - Egypt, more details about them are described at their links in this page. Their paintings are of the most beautiful in the Modern and Contemporary Arab Art in the Middle East

I used to paint with pastel on papers when I was a little child, but later when the time came to enter a university I had to follow my parent's advice and join The Faculty Of Engineering in Cairo from which I was graduated the year 1977.

"One must not depend on his paintings to earn money to survive " - those were my father's words to me when he found me tired with my study of Engineering and wanted to abandone my study and change to a Fine Arts career.

I worked hard to finish my career, and after I became an engineer I worked for a well known Contractors Company in Cairo for a period of about twenty three years. During that time I only made oil paintings in my limited free time.

In the year 2006 I felt a strong desire to make a big change in my life, so I decided to retire early to catch the left few years left in my life and live free - no hard study and no hard work.

That was on July 2006 when I retired and begain a full time work in the field of Fine Arts which I loved since I was a child of seven or eight years old.

I specialized in realistic paintings using the medium of oil on canvas, and after some years later I decided to make my paintings in oil on linen stretched on board.

This website shows my realist oil paintings, the first of which is American because I painted it while I was living in Washington D.C. with my parents Ezzedin Hamouda and Zenab Abdel Hamid, they were at that time making a touring exhibition for their oil paintings on canvas and water colors on paper, exhibiting their work with other three Egyptian artists paintings in the Fine Art Gallery of the University of New Orleans in the United States of America, that was in the period 1976 - 1977, to show Modern Egyptian Art in the Middle East. That exhibition of my parents was under the patronage of the ambassador of Egypt at that time Dr. Ashraf Ghorbal and was funded by The Art Society - International Monetory Fund.

For me, the rest of my paintings was done in Egypt, some of which are still under processing because of the multiple layers they need to achieve the final requested result. Some of my oil paintings take more than two years to get finished. I do not loose my patience to achieve the result that I hope for.

Khalda Hamouda

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